Driving should be enjoyable and comfortable. But his is only true when all the components of your vehicle are working in unison. Right from under the hood to the interior and exterior auxiliary parts of the vehicle. One of the most overlooked and very important component of the vehicle is the tire. The control, performance, and handling of your vehicle is dependent on the quality of the tires.

Proper care must be taken to ensure the tires are always in good condition. These tips include:

• Check the tire pressure daily to ensure they are uniform and not under or over-inflated. When the tires are uniformly inflated, they will give better performance, handling, and control.
• Right tread depth – every week or two, you should check to ensure the depth of the tread grooves are within the recommended by the manufacturer.
• Check for any form of injury – before driving your vehicle, you should get in the habit of checking the tires for any visible sign of cuts or tear.


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