The new Honda Odyssey is a stylish family minivan that offers a fun experience for all of its occupants. With three rows of seats equipped in every model, the new Odyssey is capable of seating up to eight occupants in its cabin. Available in five trim levels, the Honda Odyssey has many features and options to choose from.


The interior of the new Honda Odyssey is equipped with technologies that make traveling both safe and fun. Customers who would like to keep their passenger entertained during trips will appreciate the rear seat entertainment system that is available for the Odyssey, which attaches two displays at the back of both front seats. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both equipped in the Odyssey, giving the van’s occupants many media options to choose from.

Cargo Capacity

The Honda Odyssey has up to 144.9 cubic-feet of space that is available in its cabin, which can be accessed by folding down the van’s third and second row of seats.


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