Tire Care Tips: Tread & Pressure

When it comes to tires, Stokes Honda North knows how efficient tires look, drive, and feel. It is vital for your tires to be carefully examined regularly to prolong your tires’ lifespan. Maintaining your tires regularly also helps your vehicle get the best performance.

One factor that can damage tires is having an improper inflation. Some tires have a low tire pressure, while other tires’ pressure could be too high. If you notice that your tire’s pressure is low, feel free to put some air in it. Be sure that your tire’s pressure is not too high. When your tire’s pressure is too high, it could cause your tire to explode.

To be certain about your vehicle’s tire pressure, you should check the pressure often. Most newer cars are equipped with tire sensors. If you’re tire is not, then we’d be happy to check your tire’s pressure. Feel free to bring your vehicle in today for an inspection.



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