How Temperature Can Affect a Car Battery

It can often seem overwhelming to learn the intricacies of your car's engine when you're not a mechanic. Even a little bit of knowledge about how your car functions can help you to avoid problems before they become major issues and save you money over the life of your vehicle.

Extremes in climate can cause plenty of problems for engine components. As the source of electric power for your engine, a battery is essential to it functioning properly. Once temperatures plummet below zero, the battery's liquid can freeze, shutting it down and leaving your engine dead. The older the battery, the more likely this will happen.

In the summer, high temperatures can evaporate that same liquid, lowering it to the point where it can't deliver an adequate charge. Checking your battery fluid and topping up when necessary can avoid this condition. For all of your battery needs, don't hesitate to visit us at Stokes Honda North, where we can replace a weak battery when it's time for a new one.



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