How To Prevent Black Ice Slides In The Winter

You have just purchased your new vehicle and now you want to find out everything pertaining to keeping it functional and yourself safe. That's great! Let us at Stokes Honda North inform you about a gloomy threat looming out there on the streets of North Charleston in the winter called 'Black Ice'.

Yep, it is risky driving on black ice. It causes cars to spin out. You can avoid the spin out by rejecting your desire to apply the brakes. People have a tendency to do this because they think it is going to help, but in fact does the opposite.

When the vehicle starts sliding in any direction, gently turn the steering wheel in the same direction the back wheels are traveling. Take it easy. You need to apply the right amount of energy on that steering wheel. If you apply these techniques correctly, then your vehicle will correct itself. Visit Stokes Honda North to discover more about winter driving.



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