Which Auto Suspension Parts Get Replaced?

Your vehicle is supported by a suspension system that consists of dozens of connected components. Rigid springs with a coiled configuration minimize linear and lateral movement of the chassis. Shock absorbers also dampen harsh vibrations that would otherwise cause significant deformations in the chassis. Oil and pressurized air operate on cyclical hydraulic mechanisms inside the shock absorbers.

A modern suspension system also includes small parts that facilitate the movement of other larger installations. For example, bearings and joints reduce friction between the control arms and other linkages involving the steering system. These critical accessories gradually lose their forms and properties because of normal wear and tear. Tie rods and steering knuckles are some other units that maintain the stability of a car's suspension system. Failure in one or more parts may compromise the car's ground clearance and cornering abilities. Schedule a service appointment for your vehicle's suspension at Stokes Honda North.



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