Share the Road, Please

While we sell vehicles at Stokes Honda North that can make you feel like you own the road, we ask you to please share it with bicyclists. Whether you mostly drive around North Charleston or another area, please read our tips for sharing the road.

When you drive on roads that have bike lanes, routinely check those lanes for potential cyclists. Even with bike lanes present, bike riders can ride in your lane. While you may pass them, do not cruise beside a cyclist. Our nation's lanes are simply too narrow. Only pass with care. Never impede other motorists when passing. Also, remember that lives depend on your alertness.

On a bicycle, always obey traffic laws. Move with traffic's flow. Do not weave through stopped vehicles. If you ride a bicycle like the rules of the road do not apply to you, expect a ticket and a fine. Importantly, always wear your helmet and highly visible apparel.



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