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Great Family Cars – Stokes Honda North

If you’re just starting a family or looking to expand your family, finding the perfect vehicle can be tricky. Luckily here at Stokes Honda North we have a variety of vehicles that are family-friendly! Choose from the minivan or go with something a bit sportier with the crossover. Whichever you choose, you know it has the Honda reliability and safety features. All of these vehicles below have made the ’15 Best Family Cars of 2015’ list by!

Honda Odyssey

The 2015 Honda Odyssey was built for families on the go. It has the sliding doors feature for easy in-and-out for your kids and seating for your large family without compromising the storage space. If you’re looking for a family vehicle to help out with your grandkids, or you have smaller children, you can put three child booster seats in the second row just by separating the outboard seats a little with the Odyssey’s wide mode. The seats are comfortable and it’s even easy to access the third row. The Honda Odyssey can make running your kids to their after school activities a little easier and you’ll still get good fuel economy. For more information on the 2015 Honda Odyssey and its inventory, click here.

Honda CR-V

The sporty choice for a family-friendly vehicle from our Honda lineup is the 2015 Honda CR-V. This crossover has flexible seating which allows you to fold it almost any way you can imagine to help you get your cargo in easier. The 2015 Honda CR-V has a new touch-screen interface just like the Civic. To help keep the ride quiet, Honda put in the automatic continuously variable transmission and it helped improve its fuel economy! While this might not be the best option for large families, the 2015 Honda CR-V lets you and your family be stylish when you’re out running around! It is easy for kids to get in and out of and easy to put your children in their booster seat if needed. For more information on the 2015 Honda CR-V and inventory, click here.

Honda Accord

Some might not think of the Honda Accord as your typical family vehicle but this midsize sedan has more to offer than meets the eye. The 2015 Accord is known for its safety, reliability and being a great car all around. It has seating for 5 making it ideal for smaller to mid-size families. It’s the sporty sedan option from Honda but still maintains all of the safety and technology features you’re looking for. The 2015 Honda Accord is easy for younger kids to climb in and out of since it sits lower to the ground than our crossovers and SUVs do.  If you’re just starting a family and don’t want to commit to a bigger vehicle, the 2015 Honda Accord is a great option! For more information on the 2015 Honda Accord and inventory, click here.

Honda Civic

If you have a small family and are looking to stay that way, the Honda Civic is a great option for you. This sedan allows you to get all the great safety features you desire but without the extra cost of the bigger models. The compact sedan can hold up to 5 and is a viable family car. It’s easy to drive and park with its smaller body which makes it easy to maneuver tight spaces or roads. It has a standard rearview camera and available LaneWatch side-view camera system to help make your mind at ease when driving around with your precious cargo.  For more information on the 2015 Honda Civic and inventory, click here.

While there are other great choices for family-friendly vehicles in the Honda lineup, these are the ones that stand out year after year! Built on its reputation for safety and reliability, Honda makes exceptional vehicles for families of all sizes. We trust our family to get in a Honda, don’t you?



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