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Honda Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Honda Environmental Responsibility
In 1970, the Clean Air Act was passed by Congress and the EPA was created. The result was tough new standards for auto emissions.
However, even before it was mandatory, Honda made serious pro-active commitments to make more fuel efficient cars with cleaner emission levels.
The Honda Civic was the first car to meet the strict new standards of the Clean Air Act, passing tailpipe emissions tests with no after-treatment of the exhaust. The Civic, featuring revolutionary Compound Vortex Combustion Controlled (CVCC) engine technology, was also at the top of the first-ever list of the EPA's most fuel-efficient vehicles.
This was made possible by early, voluntary initiatives put into place by Honda, and that commitment to environmental responsibility continues today.

Blue Skies For our Children

You can read the full story how founder Soichiro Honda was motivated to create cleaner vehicles that leave a safer world for future generations in the Blue Skies for Our Children piece from the Honda newsroom.

Corporate Social Responsibility

More information about Blue Skies for Our Children, and the many programs and steps taken by Honda to uphold their promise for a brighter future, can be found on the Honda Corporate Social Responsibility page. This includes the Honda North American Environmental Report, which sets corporate responsibility goals and outlines how they are achieved.  
There you can also find information about Honda support of environmental preservation and education programs; awards for Honda manufacturing facilities and dealerships that have excelled in areas of energy use, water conservation and recycling; and videos that allow viewers to experience the Honda passion for preserving our environment.

Eco-Friendly Products

The best evidence of the long-term commitment of Honda to meet the challenge of increased corporate social responsibility through continuous engineering and innovation is found in Honda products. Check out the selection of Honda alternative fuel vehicles, including gas/electric hybrids and those that run on all-electricity, natural gas, and even hydrogen.
Stokes Honda North of Charleston is proud to represent a company that sells a product with a conscience.

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